1. Suzan Thompson

    About 7 years ago, I created a deck of cards with various tools and strategies for change. One I called “Perform a Mitzvah” that had come from a conversation with a friend who is Jewish. About a year ago, I started a blog to expand on the tools. I’ve just updated the blog entry and included your story. THANK YOU for making the strategy come alive!

  2. Jo-Anne Baker

    Thank you Bill for sharing the story and reminding us. I remember a few years ago you telling us at one of your workshops and it touched me then as it has now. I try and do Mitzahs when ever I can and it bring me much joy and happiness, and intern pass this approach onto my clients.

  3. Helene Pine

    That is a great story that resonated with my life growing up. I grew up with the value of doing service to others. That is called doing a mitzvah. (So I became a therapist) In a small way, I am bringing soup and supper to ailing friends and manage to go out with friends who have been forsaken because of their disability or illness. Thank you for including that story and Mitzvah Therapy. Erickson utilized that naturally.

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